The Fit for Your Wedding Jumpstart:

A 5-day clean eating challenge to detox from sugar, lose the bloat, and get wedding-ready!

Easy recipes + menus + shopping list included!

I participated in Valerie’s clean eating challenge while getting ready for my wedding — the results were fantastic! I was less tired, had a healthier glow to my hair and skin, no longer felt bloated, and just felt better overall. One of the best things about working with Valerie was her consistent support throughout the challenge. I’m looking forward to building on what we did in the challenge and continuing with a healthy eating plan! - Lynne Jones, United Kingdom

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What is the Fit for Your Wedding Jumpstart?

It's a 5-day clean eating challenge for brides to help you jumpstart your wedding weight-loss and fitness goals. You'll clean up your diet, detox from sugar, and lose the bloat so you can start getting wedding ready NOW!

When does it start?

You'll get all your program materials as soon as  you sign up, and it's set up for you to start the following Sunday. But you have the flexibility to start whenever works best with your schedule. 

What’s included?

  • Menus for 5 days so you know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday (there's even healthy desserts in there!)
  • Easy recipes for every meal
  • Pre-made shopping list -- you'll be able to shop once for the whole week
  • Jumpstart guide with all the program guidelines

What are the meals like? Will I have to eat weird foods or supplements?

The focus for these 5 days will be clean eating and seasonal whole foods. The meals are:

• Vegetarian


• Dairy-free

• Egg-free

•Grain-free (there is some quinoa, but technically that's a seed)

• Soy-free

There are no protein powders, fake foods, or weird supplements. Just delicious real food.

Why are you doing this for free -- is there a catch?

No catch, I promise.

I think it’s important to make health and wellness accessible to everyone, and offering free programs is one way I can do this and contribute to the greater good.

And, by offering free challenges throughout the year, it gives me the chance to connect with new people.

It also allows people who are considering investing in one of my paid programs or one-on-one coaching to get to know me and experience my work with no risk.

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